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Posted: Fri 10 February 2017 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

September has arrived, and there is a rundown of the Double XP Weekend and RuneFest 2016. Few days ago, we have introduced some tips to prepare for RS Double XP Weekend. Now, it is time to buy rs 3 gold paypal to wait and enjoy these two humungous events.

RuneFest will roll into town on September 17
Runescape RuneFest will hit into London on September 17. If you cannot go there to see it, you can join in it online. It will be live on Runescape Official Twitch Channel at 9:30am Game Time. This annual RuneScape convention will give all players many humungous announcements for 2017. You should never miss it!

Double XP Weekend will be live from September 23 to 26
As we know, Runescape Double XP Weekend will be available from September 23 to 26. If you want more gains, you should never miss this buffet!
As the saying goes, no pains no gains. To gain more xp in RS double xp weekend, you have to stock up enough materials and supplies in advance. Don’t worry that the price of materials go up. That is actually inevitable. Fortunately, you can buy cheap runescape 3 gold from 4rsgold during 4rsgold Back to School Party!

The best time to buy Runescape 3 gold cheap from 4rsgold
In September, everyone immerses himself/herself in 4rsgold Back to School Party. The party is ongoing. It is well-known that there is 50% off and 80% off for RS gold on September 12 and 26 respectively. What’s more, the good news does not stop there. From RuneFest to RS DXP, there is loads to look forward to on 4rsgold. So stay tuned!

Cross my heart and hope to die, there will be more surprises worth to await, both in rs 07 gold and from 4rsgold. It’s all lined up! So just equip yourselves with cheap runescape 3 gold buying to ahead!

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