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Posted: Thu 9 February 2017 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

Where were you? Your brave visage and mighty sword were missed in Gielinor this weekend. The Pyramid Plunder wasn’t the same without you, the number of Divination masters could be higher if you just logged on this weekend. Whatever the case may be, there’s no use crying about spoilt milk. We will just have to get you up to date on everything you missed.

First of all, many of your fellow RuneScapers spent their weekend trying to get that Sceptre of the gods, because drop rates were doubled in Pyramid Plunder this weekend. While some certainly succeeded, some had to admit bitter defeat; even after spending hours and hours in the mini-game. For others, it took a run or two. We’re quite jealous, actually.

Reports about a new scam also blew up on reddit. Apparently, scammers are changing their names to look similar to other players’ and asking for loans from their clanmates. This scam works by abusing the similar look between the letters “l” (lower-case L) and I (upper-case i) to camouflage as someone else. You know what? Missing the weekend action might have even been a good thing after all. You didn’t get taken advantage of. And now, you know to be careful, so you should be fine. You were still missed in Gielinor, though. Are you feeling guilty yet? Who said that guilt-tripping only works on five year-olds?

We pity the fools who didn’t log on even though their Runecrafting or Divination skills aren’t maxed out yet, because they missed a golden opportunity to push forward and skill them way more efficiently. They will have to wait for another weekend with similar boosts or do it the hard way. Who likes doing it the hard way, though? We definitely don’t; not if we can find an easier way.

You should be caught up-to-date now. Go back and osrs gold reacquaint yourself with Gielinor after this, admittedly, short absence. Hopefully, everything is where you left it. If not… we blame the poltergeist! Honest!

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