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Posted: Mon 20 March 2017 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

5 Reasons to Stay Away from Facebook cheap jordans for sale The VortexI am a staunch supporter of NO FACEBOOK. I have gotten so much nonsense about this decision, that I have gotten my reasons for my abstinence so packed down. Blah blah blah, yes my friends are on it, no I will never be on it, yes, I have tried it, no I hate it, etc. etc. Staying away from has been kind of like staying away from alcohol when my friends offer it to me. Hard, yes, but definitely worth it. This lens will explain exactly my reasoning as to why I have stayed off this social networking site covering some topics that are pretty standard (privacy for example) and others maybe not so expected (read an find out!). Here's the deal, you take a few minutes out of your life to read this lens, and I just might be able to save your life from the Vortex Life Sucker. Sounds like a deal? OK, then. Let us proceed. cheap jordans for sale PrivacyNearly every week, there is some sort of article in the news about how flunked (once again and again and again.) in the privacy department. One disgruntled reader posted a comment " and privacy should never be used in the same sentence." I was on for one month. And I saw a LOT of information on there. It was actually rather disorienting the amount of information that can be found about one person simply by having an account. I could never have even met that person and I would know who his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was, whether he/she liked heavy metal music, what kind of past times they take part in (including the ultimate ), sometimes their birthday, personal pictures (not always putting them in the best of light), random facts about themselves which get "thumbs up" because they are so random, etc. cheap authentic jordans I am honestly not that old (no, I'm not telling you my birthday) but comparatively, I know more about this random person I never met than my best friend knows about me. It is astounding that such personal details are shared as whimsically and are getting exploited. Yes, exploited. You didn't think was free for just for free right? cheap authentic jordans cheap jordan shoes Your friends aren't the only ones looking at your info. There are tons of robots that scan your page and analyze it to parse you likes and dislike and send that information to post relevant ads whenever you open up the page. Third party companies are allowed to choose keywords to post their ads so that when you signify that you "like" one of those keywords or you post something about it, TADA, there's a new ad on your page. cheap jordan shoes cheap jordans for men OK, so that make two kinds of creeps: you ex friends and some weirdo company out there trying to get cash off of you. Neither seems to be that flattering to me. So why on earth would you trustingly post your deepest darkest secrets on an ONLINE site (keyword: Online online means the entire world can potentially read it) and much less one that is profitable and couldn't care less about privacy? There are numerous cases where has failed in protecting the users' information (see the Reference module for the link to numerous cases), so reason one not to use : It ain't private! cheap jordans for men cheap jordans free shipping Do you really care?Relationships get a huge hit by the introduction of in your lives. For example, a line about a little boy falling down and scraping his knee could mean nothing to one person and yet cause another to burst into tears because recently a little boy in their life died. cheap jordans free shipping real jordans for cheap The wonderful thing about talking directly to people is that the emotion is far more likely to come across as intended. If the wrong notion is assumed, then the opposition is able to express that and an explanation can follow. With, more people are likely to assume the worst and keep it to themselves causing a mental disengagement from the person and a lack of further interest in pursuing a valid relationship. Short form: you start to hate them. But of course you don't want to say that, right? You still want to be at the top of the leader board with 947 friends. real jordans for cheap real jordans for chea Here's my policy: I have email, I have a cell phone, and I have a permanent home address. If you really are my friend, then you will attempt to keep contact through one of those mediums. If you don't bother, then you aren't a friend worth keeping. All relationships require work and a drive to be successful. If no such drive exists, then that relationship isn't worth pursuing. Your time is far better spend doing other useful things, like spending quality time with those people whom your relationship does matter. By sparingly using your relationship resources on 947 friends (which is basically liking and poking) you are neglecting those relationships which require more than a poke (say, you HUSBAND or WIFE for example). Thus, these relationships disintegrate. real jordans for chea jordans outlet It is quite unfortunate, but in my opinion, kills relationships. It puts too much emphasis on size rather than value which is demeaning of our overall humanity. Relationships is what makes life awesome and being alone on the computer. well it doesn't even sound that great to me. Rowling: "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." jordans outlet If you really think about it, is much like a dream that you can control. What you post online could be nothing close to the truth. you live in a 3 story mansion? Fine no one is really going to check, but you'll certainly get a lot of thumbs up. The dream is relatively measured by likes and your population is your friends. There are a few you interact with using posts, but the satisfaction is fleeting once you wake up (or log off). real cheap jordans By engaging significant portions of the day on, I think we are "forgetting to live." What happened to the good old days of stopping by in a cafe and chatting over coffee about the latest gossip around town with tons of emotions and enthusiasm. I would even argue that can also make you delusional. Thinking that you really have a thousand friends is going to make your real life seem awfully dull and friendless when not one of those thousand would be willing to stop and talk to you for five minutes when you meet each other at the grocery store or at the bank. Is it really so bad to have maybe just four or five close friends versus a thousand friendless friends? real cheap jordans Spend an hour on if you must, but please take the time to head outside and interact with yourself or nature. doesn't help you experience anything; it doesn't help you learn about yourself. By staying on, I believe that in fact, you are doing mental damage in the progression of brain development with regard to life experiences. What a racket. I have lost so much of my life to that thing. That probably doesn't happen to everyone, but it happened to me. It made me mistrust my new relationship, it sucked precious time that I used to spend on more meaningful things. Two days clean and I'm not sure I will ever go back. kmyangel 4 years ago jordan shoes for cheap I don't like but I did a little bit in the past, that's why I still have an account sometimes helps me to be in touch with my friends! About I don't like it is not interactive enough, Twitter I like only because you can bring visitors for your blog, article. and Pinterest, I have an account but I'm not a big fan jordan shoes for cheap.

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